Bitcoin Payment Advantage:

  • Bitcoin payment option is widely accepted by most users.
  • It is rather safe and fast to complete the transactio.
  • It is not traceable by any one, can protect your privacy by sending it.

How to proceed a order by bitcoin ?

1: Make your purchase List, calculate your payment amount.

PS: Total Value of the Order = Raws Price + Freight Cost (Gross weight below 500 grams cost US$50 for a parcel)
2: Send correct Bitcoin amount based on your current Bitcoin price. (Current bitcoin Price)
3: Contact us with the bitcoin amout you sent or screenshot of the payment pages.
4: Contact us with your order list of products, amount, and shipping info.


You can choose one of reliable bitcoin transation platform for buying bitcoins.Following are the guide for buying bitcoin:


After paid, you can check whether your bitcoin arrive us on the blockchain, If saying there is confirmation, then the bitcoin arrived .
Press it to see “:


Kindly Remind:Pls double check before sending out, do not send wrong. We are not resiponsible for your wrong sending.

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